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The Island is just a book you can’t put down. The book consists of short chapters that flip between the past and the present. While reading, it gave me very Lost TV feel.

What I liked best: The reader has to piece together the events in Fran’s life that forced her to get on that ill-fated plane. Fran isn’t the easiest person to get to know- and that is the point. You don’t want to root for her at first. What makes this story great is that you constantly have the desire to turn the page. I needed to know- How will Fran get out of this one? Or What horrible thing did Fran do?

Olivia Levez weaves in facts and tidbits about survival skills and the brutality of Mother Nature. The writing style is very easy to read and she hooks you into the story quickly.

While hopefully, we never find ourselves stranded on an island after a plan crash, Fran’s story is one that is relatable. She has a depth; she isn’t perfect. Due to the harshness of life she has built a wall and become “a rock.” But once she reveals all the intricate pieces of herself- she is a character worth loving.

This is one book that should be on everyone’s radar. Fast-paced and incredibly written, readers will be captivated by Fran and her desire to just survive.
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