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Frenenqer Paje has wings. But they're not real, of course, only imagined. She is quiet and obedient, living in a loveless household with her father always on her case, her only escape through her books.

She saves a cat from his death one day, and brings him home to find that he is actually a Free person, able to shapeshift and to make his own decisions. He takes her to new places on his own, real wings, but will Frenenqer be able to push past her father and society, and finally become her own person?

First off, this book was incredibly unique. It was a paranormal fantasy, with elements of contemporary and romance. A coming of age story in its own way. Set in "the oasis", Frenenqer lives in an oppressive home and a conservative society. I have never encountered a book like this one before.

The reader learns about Frenenqer as a person, about who she really is beneath who she pretends to be, beneath what her father wishes she was. I found myself rooting for her from the beginning, hoping that she'd break free of all that was binding her. Admittedly, I got very angry at her sometimes. "Just run away with Sangris, the shape-shifting Free person! It's easy: he can take you anywhere and you'll never get caught!"

I also found myself angry at the society she was living in. I mean, it was dangerous for her to go outside with her arms exposed. I was sad for her, having to live in such a ridiculous place.

Sangris was an amazing character. He was mysterious and mischievous, open and adventurous. He was everything that Frenenqer wasn't. They really complimented each other through their opposite personalities, they highlighted the qualities and flaws of the other.

I had some trouble getting into the story at first. I had to get used to the writing style, and I had to reread some lines to make sure I had understood them correctly. Besides this, I loved this book and I got emotionally involved with the characters and their stories.

I recommend The Girl With Borrowed Wings to readers looking for a unique YA book. Those searching for an emotional story with themes about coming-of-age will enjoy this, and if you want to read about characters who genuinely care for, and eventually love, each other, this novel is for you.

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