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Young Adult Fiction 2004
A smart, fast-paced, well-researched YA thriller
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Elizabeth Fama sets her novel, PLUS ONE, in a segregated world where half of the population lives and works in the daytime hours, and the other half is assigned to do the same in the nighttime. Sol, the feisty heroine, is a night dweller--or Smudge--and she is about to lose everything she loves with the death of her grandfather/caretaker. Being too daring for her own good as well as having a heart too loving for safety, Sol decides to kidnap her estranged brother's child to give their grandfather the gift of holding his great-grandchild before he dies. What follows is a smart, fast-paced, well-researched, young adult thriller. With it's alternate history and dystopian setting, PLUS ONE is everything I had hoped DIVERGENT would be. I look forward to what must be additional titles in the series, because when the book ended, I wasn't ready to let Sol's story go.
Good Points
Great writting

Excellent pacing

Intriguing setting
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