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Kate is the daughter of the powerful Callum Harker, the man who controls the monsters in V-City. Kate is human, but she's done monstrous things.
August is the son of Henry Flynn, head of the military force fighting for peace, and to hold the monsters back. August is a Sunai, a monster who steals souls, but he only wants to be more human.

Dark and light collide in THIS SAVAGE SONG, the first part in a thrilling paranormal duology by best-selling author Victoria Schwab.

At the same time a character study and a hardcore paranormal fantasy, THIS SAVAGE SONG explores the duality of monstrosity and humanity. Dynamic plot twists and fantastic writing, along with complex characters and a world with more depth than I expected create a real page-turner. The very physical divide in V-City is echoed in the divides between Kate and her father, and August and his family's goals. Kate and August come from different sides of the city, and completely different backgrounds, but when their lives are threatened by monsters, both human and Malchai, the teens realize they have a lot in common. By fighting together they reveal the secrets behind the threats on their lives while struggling to keep back the darkness that's nearly overwhelming them both. There is a hint of romance between the two, as expected, but it takes backseat to the more immediate plot elements of danger and running for their lives! While I wanted slightly less predictability, there were still plenty of surprises and excitement. Equally compelling and disturbing in a "just-can't-look-away" kind of way, THIS SAVAGE SONG is gritty and page-turning and I highly recommend it.
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