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The Right Kind Of Story To Fall In Love With
(Updated: April 30, 2016)
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SUMMER OF SUPERNOVAS is a book that must find its way to your TBR soon. It's full of heart as it stunningly navigates the stars of fate, love, friendship, and long made promises.

To begin with, the characters are relatable and downright unique, especially the main character, Wilamena. She has this incredible personality that makes you warm up to her real fast and forgive any missteps she takes. Not only that, but she also has the craziest thoughts or happens to experience the most embarrassing moments, so you are bound to have fun with her at all times.

The same goes for the rest of the characters. There isn't a single one who I did not like. It's rare for YA books to not have antagonists, sometimes they are necessary for a plot to work, yet this book did well without. Everyone is genuine and friendly, some with spines of steel like Wil's amazing grandma and best friend, Irina. I loved them the best!

The author's writing style is my favorite aspect of the book. I love how it is light and full of witty banter, every page is a complete joy to read over since there are many funny lines that will make anyone giggle. Even when things get a bit serious, this book makes it hard to feel down since it is brimming with positiveness, and I loved that. The characters couldn't have been written by a better hand.

This book is a YA contemporary romance, and while it does give plenty of butterflies, I felt that the romantic aspect moves a bit too fast for the reader to properly appreciate the special moments. Sometimes slower is better when it comes to falling in love.

With that said, there are two love interests that are well worthy of your swoons. Grant and Seth, both sweet and charming, both from the same family. Between you and me, I'm Team Seth all the way, although I might be on the minority. There's nothing wrong with Grant, he is great, but I feel that I got to learn more about Seth than Grant, so that highly tipped the scales for me. Either way, if you love well-done love triangles, then you are in for a treat with this one!

Final Verdict:

SUMMER OF SUPERNOVAS is the right kind of story to fall in love with. Be it its romance, characters, setting, or humor, every reader will find something in it that will make his/her heart soar, look up at the stars, and possibly say, "this is so me".
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The author's writing style is fantastic!
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