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What a fantastic followup to Alive, the first book in this series! The author uses a nice technique for reminding the reader what happened in that book - something I appreciated.

Again, the group finds themselves in unfamiliar territory - this time a new planet where they face one obstacle after another, be it people or situations. This author really knows how to put his characters through the wringer using conflict and that's one of the reasons this series is so compelling.

The cast of supporting characters is diverse and enjoyable, but Em, the MC, is probably my least favorite. I kept getting whiplash from her rapidly changing emotions - sound decision-making to paranoia over others scheming to undermine her leadership, being sure of her feelings for one character, then all but forgetting about him when she was with another. I think that's just a personal thing for me, though.

Some new characters were introduced and others didn't make it through this alive, but you know I don't do spoilers. With the "What the *#$@?" moment at the end, the next book looks to be just as exciting as this one. I can't wait.

I received a digital ARC of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
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