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I mean...that cover..SERIOUSLY?? WOW....Of course the first thing that grabbed my attention about this book is the amazing, breathtakingly beautiful cover. I love everything about it... the rich, bold colors just grab the readers attention.

Reign of Shadows is a young adult fantasy with a swoon-worthy romance intertwined into the story. Luna, the princess of Relhok, was saved seventeen years ago when an eclipse caused the entire kingdom to be covered in darkness and an evil chancellor used this as an opportunity to kill Luna's parents, the king and queen of Relhok, and take over the kingdom. Luna was rescued and hidden away in a tower far away from the her kingdom in hopes of surviving and eventually regaining her kingdom.

The eclipse that occurred was permanent and caused "flesh-hungry" creatures that live in the dark to come out and take over the world. Luna is locked away in the tower and can only venture out for short amounts of time because of the creatures and other things that live in the dark. It is one of those times when she is outside the tower walls that she runs into a young man named Fowler... and this is where the story truly begins.....

The dark, creepy world building really fascinated me and the idea that their whole world was cloaked in darkness was very intriguing. I loved learning how the characters survived and have learned to adapt to this new, dark world.

I absolutely loved Luna and Fowler and their love story. Their love blossomed beautifully and really gave the reader time to see their relationship begin.

"Whatever it took, whatever words I had to say, I would make her understand that she didn't have to do this. That we could be together in Allu. We would.

"Let her go," Mirelya murmured as though she could read my thoughts. Maybe the old woman could.

I shook my head. "Never."

"She's trying to do the right thing. Let her go."

Swinging my pack over my shoulder, I passed her and headed for the door, calling back, "She can try all she likes to do the right thing. But so will I."

When I first started reading this book I was not expecting the intense, brutal scenes that occurred...I was expecting a fantasy story but nothing like this...and I really enjoyed it. The harsh reality and ruthless fight scenes really brought out the emotions and helped connect the characters. I am a huge fan of survival stories and this book is ALL about survival and as soon as I figured that out...I was completely engrossed in the story. The beginning was a little slow for me and was really just introducing the characters and the world...but once the survival aspect was was a complete "can't put down...turning pages late into the night" kinda book!!!

The only problem I had with this book was the way it ended....The last chapters were so fast-paced and intense and I couldn't wait to read the next page....and then WHAM....major cliff-hanger....and I am NOT a fan of cliff-hangers. I am now absolutely dying to get my hands on the sequel and have no idea how I will wait so long.......
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