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What a Rollercoaster!

Complicit is one of those dark tales that grabs you and forces you to turn the page even though you might be afraid. It is a fantastic read that just wont let you go!

From page one you are immersed in a world where you are suspicious of everything, every action, every tiny piece of information. It makes you believe something is true, throws it out the window, twists it, and drags it back inside.

Jamie not only has to deal with typical high school travails also has a dark not so secret skeleton in his family closet. His sister Catie burned down a horse barn and was then sentenced to 30 months in juvenile detention. From that point on Jamie's life went downhill. Everyone seems to have deserted him. He becomes an outcast- much like his sister.

But just when Jamie thinks nothing can get worse, Catie gets released and starts to contact him. Her calls are anything but friendly. Reacting to trauma triggers, Jamie mercifully and periodically loses memory and control of his hands. It is utterly amazing to see how Kuehn takes all the tiny bits and pieces and strings it together in a brilliant thrill ride. It is hard not to share all the wonderful dark pieces of this story without giving too much away.

Complicit is an emotional rollercoaster. It is one you wont forget. Recommended to any high school student or YA reader who loves a dark thrill ride that will leave the reader guessing till the end.
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