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holy smokes
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Holy smokes!!

There are literally no words for my reaction to how this book ended this book was … it messed up with my head!

I was all like “whatttt is going on here?” , "Did this just happennn?” , “ Am I seeing this? Am I going crazy along with Mara?”

Alrighty here is the break down. It starts super eerie. Mara is with her friends Racheal (her bff) and Claire (Racheal’s friend not really hers) are celebrating Racheal’s birthday. Racheal wants to play the Ouija board and so they do.
They decide to ask, “How am I going to die?”

I’ll leave at that. Later on in the book, Mara ends up in an accident and has no recollection what’s so ever of the incident.

She convinces her family to move away from the painful memories. She has no idea what is going on with her. She’s so confused and it doesn’t help that she’s been diagnosed with PTSD. She’s enrolled into a private school and meets Noah Shaw (... dayuuumm...)
I honestly didn’t know what was unfolding here! I was lost along with Mara! I was getting paranoid! I think I may have started to see things! I need to get my hands on book two !!

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