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(Updated: February 28, 2016)
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Hazel has everything going for her until she catches her so-called BFF with her boyfriend. What's a girl to do? Then her former BFF's brother Felix comes up with a plan to get revenge. The plan is almost perfect until Hazel feels a strong attraction to Felix. Now she has to make a choice between revenge or going with her heart.

What works: I'm a huge fan of Kling's. NOT OKAY CUPID is a lighter change from her edgier PAINT MY BODY RED. Fast-paced sweet romance that has a 80s movie feel going for it. Think modern SIXTEEN CANDLES.

I also love how readers see both points of view. We see not only Hazel's reaction to the betrayal of her boyfriend(seriously, what so-called best friend would suck face with her friend's boyfriend RIGHT before Valentine's Day? I hated Kimmy right from the start.) We also see inside the mind of Felix who isn't as shallow as Hazel and others think.

Kuddos for the banter that had me giggling more than a few times. The text and email exchanges also give readers insight into Hazel and Felix's growing relationship.

Loved Hazel's mother. Even with her quirkiness with following the latest health fads? She seems very loving and concerned about Hazel's plight.

There's also an awkward scene when Hazel does get an invite to the Valentine's Dance. I only thought what would happen if no-one got invited? But this scene and her reaction work really well.

Fast-past sweet romance that has a perfect plan of revenge turn on it's head. Fun banter exchanges and with an ending reminiscent of the Taylor Swift song YOU BELONG TO ME meets SIXTEEN CANDLES.
Good Points
1. Fun banter between Hazel and Felix
2. Light, sweet romance
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