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Solara needs to get to the outer realm where she hopes to make a fresh start. Then she runs into arrogant, rich, Doran Spaulding who made her life miserable while in school. But beggars can't be choosers and when Doran offers her a chance to indenture herself in exchange for passage? She takes it. Then the tables are switched and Doran is now the one in trouble. Add some intergalactic pirates, a eccentric crew with their own secrets, and a mega twist.

What worked: I loved this novel that is filled with adventure, intergalactic travel, rowdy space pirates, and a crew that reminded me a lot of Firefly.

Solara is tough and when she's able to switch tables on Doran? She does it but that doesn't mean she's totally happy. I love how her exterior is peeled back to see her vulnerabilities. The world hasn't been too kind to her. Being raised in an orphanage and then getting mixed up with the wrong crowd could have hardened her but readers are able to glimpse more.

Doran is the typical spoiled rich kid but when his world changes? He rolls with it without being whiny or annoying. The chemistry between Solara and Doran heats up later in the story. They realize they have to help each other in order to survive. I couldn't help but think that that chemistry was always there but Doran pushed it aside because of pride. But when his wealth and family are taken away? He can only rely on himself, which is hard at first for him.

One of my favorite characters in this story has to be the intergalactic pirate ship! The banter between Solara, Doran, and the chief pirate, Demarkus is filled with humor. Demarkus is over seven feet tall and packs a powerful punch. Readers can't help but like him as he warns Doran--during a fight for Solara--that he'll go easy on him. I can almost picture a rugged pirate with a twinkle in his eye.

There's lots of action especially at the climax of the story which ends with a twisty plot.

There is really only a couple things I wanted more of. I wanted more interaction with the pirate ship and those pirates. It would be fun to see some of the women pirates too.

I hope there might be more in this story! It would be so much fun to revisit them and see what other intergalactic travels and people they'd encounter.

Fun intergalactic romp where YA world meets Firefly with equally engaging characters. The space ship Banshee with it's eccentric crew is one that readers will love to be a part of.

Good Points
1. Fun intergalactic romp complete with space pirates!
2. YA world meets Firefly
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