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Cout Duel: Intrigue on the Dance Floor
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Reader reviewed by Saya

My name is Rachel (alias: Saya), and I am 13 years old. I am giving a review on the book Court Duel.

Court Duel, the sequel to Sherwood Smiths amazing page-turner Crown Duel, is full of intrigue, mystery, romance, and just the general life at the Remalna court. One of my favorite books by far, Court Duel captured my interest immediately. From the beautifully drawn cover to the mystery and double meanings of the actually story, Court Duel is an artful telling of Meliara, the Countess of Tlanths tale.

Meliara Astiar is the barefoot countess of Tlanth, who, in Crown Duel, along with her older bother Branaric make a promise to their dying father that throws them headlong into an impossible war they have no chance of winning, against the tyrannical King Galdran. After Meliara is captured by the court fop Marquis of Shevraeth, and manages to escape him time and time again, she harbors much resentment and distrust against him. When she finds out that Shevraeths loyalties actually lie not with Galdran, but to a better Remalna, and that he plans to take the throne, Meliara is extremely confused. In the end it is only with Shevraeths help that Mel and Bran are able to defeat Galdran, and win the war.

Now, in Court Duel, it is half a year later, and Meliara has returned to her not-so-rundown castle in Tlanth. When a surprise visit from Bran and his new fiancée arrive from court, bringing along the man she hoped shed never see again, the Marquis of Shevraeth, Mel is thrown totally off track. And with a strange letter arriving from the Marquise of Merindar, Greedy Galdrans sister who also wishes to ascend the throne, Meliara finally gives in and decides to come to court to figure out who would be best for the throne. With all the courtiers, their highbred ways, and double meanings in everything they say, plus the added hastle of dealing with the many misunderstanding between her Shevraeth, can Mel accomplish her initial mission or will she return home in defeat? And will she make the right choice?

One of the main attractions I had to this book was the equally enticing sub-plot: the romance between Meliara and her Unknown, a mystery admirer whose correspondence with Mel, and views becomes a top priority in her life. I also love the fact that Sherwood Smith gives us a vivid description of the contrast between Meliaras two lives: the one as a barefoot countess in Tlanth, and the one as the sophisticated courtier. All in all this amazing book Court Duel earns a five/five from me.
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