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The Legacies of the Past and the Freedom of Tomorrow
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A book full of messages, from the lies that are told to the recognition of the thruth. A complete tearjerker that will make you rethink your priorities and show you that what you have come to believe might not always be true.

Mary E. Pearson is extraordinary, spinning the original Shakespeare Romeo and Juliet into a modern tale complete with it new twists. The Malones and Crutchfields have hated each other for generations. When Kait Malone's father is charged with the murder of a Crutchfield, the family loses its money and the two Malone daughters are forced to go to a Crutchfield school under the pseuodonym of Hampton.

There Kait meets Bram, a talented artist, who Kait soon discovers has a last name of Crutchfield. As Kait falls in love, she hides the thruth of her last name from Bram, building a web of lies which soon catches her. As you read, you take a journey with Kait from her memorable journal entries to her message to the world. You will realize that the world is full of opportunities. This book really held the meaning i was looking for, that we as the future generation have to follow our dreams.
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