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I adore the Shadow Falls series, so I grabbed this book right away when I realized it existed!

What I find really interesting about this novella is that it's like a novel. Sure, it's short, but most novellas are only filler. They are intended to give more info, get inside of a different characters head, or just make the wait for the next book more bearable. All of these are probably true of this book, but unlike most novellas, there was an actual plot and conflict.

This novella focuses on Miranda and I'm quite happy that we finally get to hear things from her perspective. Miranda has to compete in a spell competition and surprises herself with her success. As it turns out, Miranda i in danger. Someone has already killed off two girls in the competition and Miranda might be next. If that wasn't enough, she also has to deal with her ex-boyfriend Perry, another boy who might want t be in the picture, and some unexpected revelations.

I really think that this was such a great addition to the series! So much happened and while it's up to choice whether to read this, I feel like so many important things happened! So, all in all, I recommend this novella to any Shadow Falls fans!
Now, I'm hoping that Miranda is going to get her own series!
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