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I really enjoyed the Elementals series by Brigid Kemmerer so I was excited to read a new series that would be just as filled with characters I would love and relationships that were just as much fun to read about and were very relatable. I was also a little hesitant since I feared being let down due to how much I’d loved the Elementals series and the Merrick brothers.
The story was told in dual POVs. One was Thomas, an angry boy who felt the world was against him after the death of his mother soon after she remarried and moved them to a small town where he knew no one. The other was Charlotte, a naive girl struggling to be herself in a family of cops and a grandmother trying to enforce traditional gender roles on her. Their lives intertwine due to his mother’s murder and her family and brothers investigating her death.
I really enjoyed how completely different the POVs were in the story. Thomas was angry but he also was scared and felt alone. He was resentful that he’d been moved to a new town and was suddenly left in the care of the guy who married his mother, a guy Thomas never really got a long with or had really given much of a chance. Charlotte was a lot lighter. She saw the good in everyone and was learning how to stand up for herself against her family’s overprotectiveness. Her interactions with her brothers were a lot of fun and it was so easy to see the bond and love between them. There were moments that reminded me of the Merrick family and I really loved that.
I was liked the mystery themes that kept up through the whole book. Just when you thought you’d figured one part out, another piece of the puzzle took you in a whole new direction. It seemed like at one point of the book, I would have believed anyone as the murderer.
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