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Revenge at any cost
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What I Liked:
REVENGE AND THE WILD is an intriguing blend of the supernatural and the lawless west, all topped with a heart-pounding chase for revenge.

Westie is a highly flawed character, which made me like her and feel invested in her story. Her family tragically died at the hands of a group of cannibals when she was young; she lost her arm as a result of the attack. She's dedicated her life to hunting down the cannibals and bringing them to justice, but it hasn't been easy. She becomes an alcoholic, and loses her credibility when she falsely accuses someone of the being the cannibals she hunts. Her setbacks don't stymy her dedication to revenge, though. There's an intriguing struggle between her own personal vendetta and the consequences of her actions for the city she lives in.

What Left Me Wanting More:
There's a lot going on in this story: a variety of supernatural creatures, cannibals, a western setting, zombies, magic, and steampunk elements. It felt overwhelming, especially at the beginning of the story, and like there was just too much packed into the world-building. I didn't feel like any of the different elements really meshed together particularly well; it often felt like several different stories being told at once. That said, because there's so much to offer, I think most readers will find something to their taste in the story.

The Final Verdict:
REVENGE OF THE WILD is an action-packed, page-turning story filled with danger at every turn.
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