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This is Shonna Slayton’s sequel to her first book, Cinderella’s Dress.This fairytale retelling due is not the version of Cinderella we grew up watching. Instead, she has taken Cinderella’s tale and placed it in a completely different reality. This pair of Cinderella’s shoes finds itself in the 1940’s and picks up where Cinderella’s Dress left off.

Slayton does an excellent job in building the era throughout the story. You can fell yourself being transported back in time. The descriptions and stories are vivid and pull the reader tightly into the story. You can tell that she did her research on the horror in Europe during the aftermath of WWII and the descriptions feel very real. While the war is over, people must struggle to make peace with themselves, fight against prejudice and racism,and rebuild their lives that was destroyed by war.

This wonderful history of Cinderella is turned on its head and told in a beautiful way. This creative story is unique with fun twists and facts. It is hard to tell a lot about the story without giving away all the good parts.

Overall this is a creatively written, beautiful tale of hope, love and faith. About finding faith in those around you and in the love you have for others.It is full of action, suspense and romance. It is sure to keep readers turning the page to find out what comes next.

Looking forward to more books from Slayton.

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Unique twist on fairy tales.
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