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Suzanne Young!!! What have you done?! Believe me, I forgive you for that stupid book that "The Willing" was because this series is going to be the death of me!

This book was the best one in the series. It takes into account a vast variety of feelings, from grief, to regret, love, the need of belonging somewhere or to someone. Amazing! Plus I'm not really a fan of romances but the ones in this book were heartwrenchingly engaging. I understood that only towards the end of the book. (I hate when romances dictate the whole progress of the story but here it had a purpose and a meaning, plus it didn't dictate anything, it was just a great part of the book.)

What got me was the ending though... Oh god I'm dying over here!!! I haven't experienced such twists in a looong time and for that I thank you Ms Young!

For any one of you who wants to read this book I suggest you to get to the Program duology first. After that this book will blow your mind!
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