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The second book in the Firebird series, Ten Thousand Skies Above You finds Marguerite, her family, and friends safe for a few precious moments before disaster strikes. Paul, while on a mission with the Firebird, was caught and his consciousness was scattered across different timelines. Marguerite must track down each part of Paul's soul, including in a war-town San Francisco, and the criminal underworld in New York. Each world, every piece she obtains, brings her closer to getting her Paul back, but it also gives her more information on the other dimensions and the people who have been trying to use her for their own gain.

I was really excited for this book since about the time I finished the first one. I was happy that it picked up soon after the first one ended and that it didn't take long for the action to start. It drew me in right away and it never let go. I was already invested in the characters and their relationships from A Thousand Pieces of You and I had to know how this sequel would grow them, test them, and make everything alright.

My favourite thing about this series has been the dynamics between the characters, especially the main three. Marguerite was strong and determined to save Paul, she refused to give up, and even though she had to do things she didn't want to in order to get the pieces of Paul, she struggled with how her actions would affect the people she left behind in each dimension. I loved the way she looked at the people as her friends and family in each dimension even though they weren't "her" family and friends. The brotherly relationship between Theo and Paul was another highlight. I couldn't help but smile every time Theo called Paul "little brother" and the determination both had to save each other.

Another thing I really liked was all the questions raised by Marguerite about the core of who a person is and how much of that could be the same in other dimensions. If a person was evil in one dimension did that mean they were capable of such evil in every dimension? How big of a role did fate play in each dimension and would she and Paul find each other in every world?

This book was just as addicting to read as the first one. It was a roller coaster. Just as I'd get used to the way things were in one world, it was time for a shift. There was never the time to breathe and become comfortable because that was when something big would major and I would go back to the edge of my seat. There was so much action, so much more information about the Firebird and the way dimension traveling worked, the consequences of it. It was a strong sequel and definitely didn't suffer from middle book syndrome. I think I might even like it more than the first one.

And the cover, is goes without saying, but it's absolutely gorgeous. I can't wait to see how both the author and cover designer top themselves in the next book.
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