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Warning: The following review may be incoherent for the following reasons:
(1) There are no words to describe how much I LOVE this book.
(2) I don’t think that it would be appropriate to write a review using only GIFs.

One small town in Tennessee where high school football is sacred ?? A rag tag group of girls who join forces to stand up for what is right ?? A book about how awesome girls can be when united ?? Is it cliche? NO

When you read the synopsis of The Revenge Playbook the first thing that come to mind is “Haven’t I read something like this before?” No, you have not. I will concede to the fact that there are many other Young – Adult books out there with the same premise. None of them even compare to The Revenge Playbook.

Have you ever read a book that you can’t even put into words how much you loved it? Yeah well it happening to me right now. The Revenge Playbook is an empowering story about a group of girls who are going to steal the football of ’76 to show the football team that they are worth to be treated with respect.
Now the plot was very well written and entertaining. However I just didn’t think that was a very original plot line. I’m not saying that I don’t like the book. Its just not what made me fall in love with the it. It’s the characters in this book that make this stand out and really memorable in my opinion. The story is told by the four main characters Melanie Jane, Liv, Ana, Peyton. The point of view in the story alternates between the four. Which is something that I really liked because I got to know the characters and personalities better. They are all very different which makes it so much easier to relate to at least one character; one is a cheerleader who’s into beauty pageants, another is a nerd who cosplays Game of Thrones episodes and two are on the dance team. I liked that none of the characters were stereotypical of any high school role and that they were all very well written. I have never loved every main character in a book until I’ve read The Revenge Playbook except for the few that were jerks a.k.a Chad McCalister ( even his name sounds like a jerk). Their decision to steal the football was initially fueled by the hurt and anger that two of the girls felt after they were dumped by football players. Now I’m not going to to into the reason why everyone decides to participate in the prank that they’re pulling because one of them is only revealed later in the book and I don’t want to spoil anything for you. I will say that this book touches upon some sensitive topics such as bullying, verbal abuse, divorce, assault, and many more horrible things that unfortunately happen to many people wether it be a boy or a girl. I liked the way that the author approached certain subjects, she never deflected from the gravity of a situation but also never made the story depressing. Rather it makes you start to think about how you treat others and how your action really affect them. Although i have to say that my favorite part of the book was The List. I know that it was really mean but, when I read it I couldn’t stop laughing. My only complaint is at times it would be difficult to figure out who’s who and it would become very confusing. It was never a main character but sometimes with the football players a name would be mentioned and I would have no clue to who it was. Although I was sick when I read this so that might of had something to do with it. Overall this is a book that makes you laugh, and teaches you about the importance of friendships.
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