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Harrowing and Fascinating.
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I’m torn between loving and despising this book. I don’t like to be tricked. And even though so many clues were given to me and I was expecting some of it, I was -to say the least, disgusted.

It’s complicated.
It’s destructive.
It’s terrifying.
It’s harrowing.
It’s kids doing stupid stuff that will affect them for the rest of their lives.
And because it is all of that, it is also intriguing and oddly fascinating.

After the Woods dramatically starts with an abduction. But it quickly slows down and delves into the lives of someone after an abduction. And then, it picks up into a game of seek and find. Ultimately, I was left with even more questions! (I think Liv and Donald Jessup need their own books. Thank you).

Every character in this book plays a crucial part. Especially the minor ones.

There is so much going on that I had a hard time keeping up and had to back track a few times to understand (in a good way. I liked the confusion. It’s exciting).

As the writing is perfectly descriptive of someone who has been through hell, I couldn’t help but need more. I felt like I was supposed to know stuff that hadn’t been said.

And maybe what angers (yes, this book made my grumpy old lady come out) me the most is the deception and manipulation. The fact that someone would ultimately ruin some else’s life just to get a little peace in theirs. That’s what a sociopath does. And I’m not talking about the guy who kidnapped a girl.

Sometimes it is the person you’re least expecting. Sometimes it’s the person right in front of you.

After the Woods is a highly engrossing, mind bending thriller. This is almost as horrid as Gone Girl, but not as evil. Although, maybe this is where the girl in Gone Girl gets her start.
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