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I'm not lying when I say that A LITTLE SOMETHING DIFFERENT is indeed a little something different from the rest of the YA Romance books out there. It's told from multiple point of views, never from Lea or Gabe. The synopsis does tell the story the best (or at least, better than I can). Basically, everyone in the book (and I seriously mean everyone in the book with the exception of one of Gabe's female classmates) ships Gabe and Lea together. From the creative writing professor to the bus driver, from the Chinese food delivery guy to the squirrel (my favorite POV, by the way), from the bench (long story) to the creative writing professor's wife, everyone wants those two to get together.

I have to note that all the characters in this book, and I mean all of them, are nosy. Seriously nosy. NOSY.

Lea and Gabe are so shippable. It makes me very happy, and I enjoy seeing the ups and downs of their relationship. To speak in the plainest words and sum up the book, I will say this: Love is never easy. Gabe has a past that isn't dark or very negative (read: angsty and painful) while Lea is normal. She is normal yet also spirited and quirky and perfect for Gabe as Gabe is for Lea. She has her issues with her self-esteem and her character, but she slowly figures herself out while Gabe comes out of his shell.

Do they figure it out their relationship? Will the UST be unsolved? Will everyone be writing fanfiction about Gabe and Lea for the rest of their lives? Well, by the end of the book, they... (Oh, wait. Spoilers. Darn it.)

The main plot centers around Lea and Gabe. Their individual character arcs are definitely the main subplots, but unfortunately, the supporting cast doesn't have much character development. (With the exception of the squirrel. Okay, I may be joking there.) The other subplot, involving the individual characters, come together. There are about ten POVs (I think), and each of them slowly become aware of each other and their mutual interest in Gabe and Lea.

The ending is one of the greatest parts of the book. I'm not going to say much, but I have to say that it is immensely satisfying. It will have everyone saying, "Finally!"

Overall, A LITTLE SOMETHING DIFFERENT throws readers into an unique twist. It isn't told like a regular book, and the romance is indeed the star of the story. Sandy Hall makes it individual and astounding by not putting Gabe and Lea in front of the spotlight. Their voices aren't heard, but the people around them voice their opinions on the lovebirds' relationship. This is perfect for anyone who is looking for a light, unique read.

Rating: Three out of Five
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