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That was painful
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1.5 stars.
It was okay, but I will never pick up this book to read it again.
While the story was pretty good, the writing was down right horrible.

At one point she's talking about one thing then BAM it turns into something else and leaves you thinking "What the heck? Did I just miss something?" and it makes you check the book pages to make sure there aren't any pages missing. Then later you realize "OH! It's a memory!" Well why in the heck didn't you make that clear? Sheesh, put it in italic or something.

I'm just glad she made it clear it was based off the myth, so don't think hell is full of pretty boys wanting to dress you in white dresses and flowers ready to warm you up by a fireplace with a table of foods and water, because it isn't.

"Meg Cabot is the master of her genre." - Publisher Weekly"
"Meg Cabot is arguably the queen of contemporary teen novels...Her retelling of this old myth is smart, sassy, and of the moment. - New York Journal of Books

I wonder how much she had to pay them to print those lies. -_-
Even as a teenager, I could NOT stand her books. Now, I thought "Hey, maybe she's gotten better over the years, I'll try to read these and see how they go."
GoodNESS.. they are a waste.
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