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(Updated: September 29, 2015)
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One of my best friends let me borrow her Monster Manuel when she was trying to recruit me to play Dungeons and Dragons with her. And although we still haven’t gotten around to doing that, I’m kind of obsessed with it now. I always like roleplaying games, but this takes it to a whole other level.

So I decided to read this book with the light blue cover and long title, and I was fully prepared for intense D&D sessions.

AND IT’S SO MUCH MORE THAN D&D. This book is real as shit.

A legitimate geeky book written by an awesomely geeky man who understands the classic geeky teenager. And. it. Was. On. Point. (let’s all take a flashback to high school and understand how true this is. You there? CAN YOU SEE IT!? Jesus. I have goosebumps now.).

Anyways, this book was raw. (“you know what else is raw?”-Archie, probably.) And as many times as I rolled my eyes every time Archie said something similar to THAT, I was laughing and crying just as much.

Meet the heroes of this quest:

I can’t even deal with how perfectly imperfect they all were. How perfect they were for each other. You know how some people just fit together? Yeah. These 4 got it down.
(not even mentioning Sarah because EAD, SARAH!) Side note: I honestly didn’t know what ‘EAD’ stood for until my 19 year old brother informed me, and now my 24 year old self uses it way too much for the profession that I am in.

And the trials and misfortunes they go through are just life. It’s just life and it’s coming through so honestly because of these 4 goobers that definitely know how to cast a resurrection spell, but probably don’t know how to change a tire are going with the motions. One blow at a time.

Road trip books remain a favorite of mine and I was pleasantly surprised that halfway thought it turns into just that! And it was the trip of a lifetime. From tornadoes to alligators, you’d think they were traveling through Florida and not Ohio.

An Infinite Number of Parallel Universes dips into the inner minds of teenagers in the most practical way. A story of family and friends and the realization that the line between the two is very thin.

You want a diverse, thought-provoking, hilarious book? This is it. Join the party.
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