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I have an odd fondness to creep factor in books, so when I realized that this was a horror, I really wanted to read it. This book was definitely odd and had tons of creepiness within it! I didn't absolutely love it, but this was a very interesting read and I enjoyed it!

Ash Larkin has to deal with seeing a dead girl, and she's been seeing her more and more lately. When Ash's mother goes back to her commune in Kansas, as some kind of sacrifice, Ash and her brother chase after her. They run into a community deep in the corn stalks with traditions and a fascination with an immortal ancestor. Ash will soon figure out the dark secrets of Quivira and how it connects with her visions.

The idea behind this book is so completely unique and so very unusual. I was very invested in this book. This book is described as a romantic horror, which is a very accurate description. Keep in mine that this book isn't horror horror (with lots of blood and guts), but creepy horror and I loved it. I did have issues with the pacing at first, it felt like it was going too fast. And the visions, while very important, just felt like they were happening too often, but still, I enjoyed it.

The romantic part of the romantic horror is really why I can't give this book a 4. This book has a bit of insta-love. I guess it's understandable, since Ash is repulsed by most guys (by smell. Yes, it's weird) and he's the first guy that she has an attraction to, but it still felt like inst-love. I also didn't really feel the romance. It was just meh to me.

Overall, if you're a fan of odd, creepy, and unique reads, pick this one up! It was very interesting and I was invested in it until the end. I had a few issues with the romance, but otherwise, this was a great read!
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