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Excellent conclusion to a thrilling duology
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This sequel to Blackbird picks up right where the first left off and doesn’t let readers go until the very last page. Anna Carey does a fantastic job of using a second person narration. It makes the reader feel right in the middle of the story and is a refreshing twist with how few second person books there are. However, second person narration in general might be a love/hate concept for some readers. For those unsure of where they fall on second person, this would be a great duology with which to experiment.

The premise of this series is incredible and thrilling, and readers get all their questions answered in this conclusion. As scary as the answers behind the big mystery of what happened to the protagonist are, they are shockingly not hard to believe. Some of parts behind the memory loss are a little confusing, but for the most part, everything makes a terrifying amount of sense. This is a story that will absolutely leave readers breathless as the protagonist tries to stay alive.

I am usually cautious with love triangles, but the one in Deadfall is handled well. The romances are never the primary aspect of the story, and the relationships feel sincere, especially considering the protagonist does not remember everything from before a week or two ago.

The ending is crushing, realistic, and satisfying. Deadfall captures excellent themes of humanity, memory, and trust, and with a superb job at narration, this is absolutely a duology readers should check out.
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