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Clementine has always wanted to go the Core: the place where life is safer, people aren’t dying around her, and she has a chance to do something other than hard labor. When she is one of the very few chosen to be “Extracted,” she is happy for a better chance of survival but torn that it means leaving behind the guy she loves, Logan. At the Core, Clementine quickly learns that not everything is as perfect as they made it sound. In fact, her new location might be even more dangerous than the home she left…

What I Loved:
One of my favorite elements of this story is the realistic ferocity of Clementine’s world. Death and survival are key factors, especially when it comes to what one would do to stay away from the first one. Even before Clementine goes to the Core, this world is clearly one where you must prioritize yourself if you want to have even a chance of living. Particularly in the beginning, Clementine displays the humanity in having a survival instinct.

Though Logan isn’t present for much of the story, I love the interactions between him and Clementine. There are no love triangles, just a simple and powerful connection between these two that readers see immediately. They are each other’s protectors, and you can feel their bond even when they’re apart.

What Left Me Wanting More:
The execution of the plot could be stronger. Clementine goes from believing in the Core as a positive place to outright rebelling against it rather quickly, especially considering what she has already done to stay there. Much of the plot is also very familiar for the dystopian/sci-fi genre. The reader can guess nearly the entire course of the book from the beginning, down to the last secretly rebellious character.

Towards the end, Clementine also takes a sharp shift in her character from focusing on surviving to extreme self-sacrifice without much buildup. She nearly develops a hero complex that takes away from some of her earlier depth and originality.

Final Verdict:
Though there are flaws, EXTRACTION is an enjoyable and high action beginning to an intriguing series.
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