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The fixer, the kingmaker, and the girl in the middle
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The Fixer is one of the rare cases where the marketing terms actually match the book: this is definitely Veronica Mars meets Scandal. One of the storylines was actually in an episode of Scandal. I loved every second of it.

Tess in an awesome heroine. She’s witty, caring, and stands up for those being wronged. She doesn’t hesitate when one of her new friends asks for her help with something dangerous and secret and she goes out of her way to protect another of her new friends when she thinks he’s making a dangerous mistake. Basically these kids are involved with some messed up shit and trying to figure out the mystery alongside them is so much fun. I loved her new group of friends: friendly and sensitive Vivie, hilarious and vulnerable Asher, and fair and protective Henry. They’re a great crew and I just want to read about all of their adventures together.

The kids aren’t the only interesting characters. They’re balanced out with a diverse and sometmes terrifying adult group. From the fixer herself to the kingmaker to the first lady, Tess finds herself surrounded by the most powerful people in the country. And they all have agendas of their own.

Besides the tense political environment, we also get the emotional story of Tess’s relationship with her sister Ivy. They haven’t had an easy relationship, and watching them navigate this new living arrangement is heartbreaking at times. They have a lot of growing to do.

The Final Verdict:
The Fixer is an engrossing story with delicious twists and turns that leave readers begging for the next installment.
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