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Where do I even start!? This book just blows the first one right out the water! I thought this series would have to go downhill after the amazing start to the series -Half-Blood- but I was so wrong. This one kicks it off into high gear with more deimon attacks and even on the covenant itself.

But to me it really gets good when they leave for the New York covenant. Alex gets closer to Seth and even decides to give him a chance. I am enjoying this love triangle! In this book though, I'm feeling Seth a little more. Although, I do think he his hiding something major from Alex and I don't like that.

My favorite part was the ending! So much happened and everything is going to Hell. Furies try and kill Alex and Aiden has to stay behind and clean up her mess. I love how the plot flows so flawlessly, nothing drags on too long and every single scene was something I enjoyed.

The characters really grew in this book. Mostly Alex, she is still getting into trouble but I assume she is finally starting to understand her destiny and how it's going to shape her life. She still loves Aiden though and can't seem to let go even though she should.

All in all, this book is amazing and if you enjoyed the first, this one is even better.
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