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What We Saw took me by surprise. There are a lot of feelings wrapped up in this story. It brings out sadness, compassion, anger, and even a little fear. What makes this an even more thrilling and scary read is the fact that the entire story was inspired by true events. The story is grounded in reality, the characters realistic and relatable, and a book you just can’t put down.

This YA book handles some pretty mature topics. But it reflects the issues and problems many teenagers face. There is drinking, abuse, and assault. So this may not be a recommended read for younger adult readers. But staying true to reality, these issues exist in high schools today.

Aaron Hartzler accurately depicts both the compassion and ignorance a town or society has when a young woman is violently assaulted. You hear the echoes of “Nobody deserves to be treated this way” to “ She was asking for it.” At times this book was hard to read- but in a good way. It made me angry to see how ignorant both adults and teens were in this book. But I think it made me angrier to know that in today’s day and age we still have this ignorance. To me, this makes a great book. It makes the reader reflect not only on what is going on in the story, but what is going on in the world around them. This book once again sheds light on important issues that teens face today and the courage it takes to make a difference.

The writing is tight and consistent and really opens up readers to important dialogue. This well composed novel is sure to be the buzz this fall. This book will definitely stay with me for a while. This is one book I will share with friends.
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