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Young Adult Fiction 1976
A quick, cute read!
(Updated: July 11, 2015)
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I don’t know what I originally read this book for.

Maybe it was all those years ago when I was really interested in that side of the world. Asian culture, but mostly Asian food.

Maybe it was that time I read North of Beautiful but Justina Chen, and thought I may be getting the same wonderful experience with this one.

Maybe it was the music aspect of it even though I know nothing about KPOP.

And I did get ALL of that.

I was immersed in the Korean culture, even when Grace was cutting it down brick by annoying brick.

I got the cute relationship with a serious twist, except when Grace was being a whiny brat.

I felt the music and related to almost all of it, even when Grace thought she knew better than anyone because her daddy is music-producer-douchebag-extraordinaire.

But most of all, the reason why I didn’t give up on this book half way through, is the major character development. Grace actually does grow and sees how she was acting and that is was completely ludicrous of her. And this book desperately needed that to happen!

This was a quick read. I got swept up in the story and wanted to figure out what was up with Grace and Jason!

Hello, I Love You (props for all the Doors references) on the surface, is a story about a spoiled, rich girl who moves across the country because she wasn’t agreeing with her parents. But, on the inside, once you get past the rough start, it’s a story of family and loss and new beginnings.
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