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(Updated: July 07, 2015)
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UNMADE is the final book in THE LYNBURN LEGACY. It concludes the story of Kami Glass, Ash Lynburn, and Jared Lynburn. Sorry-in-the-Vale is becoming more and more dangerous by the minute as Rob doesn't bother to hide himself from the rest of the town. Magic is a common occurrence, and the people of the town are in hiding. Being normal isn't always great, especially when magic is everywhere.

Kami Glass is as awesome and strong as ever. She remains killingly amazing even though she is bonded to Ash Lynburn, who isn't the boy she loves. She is the last stronghold (or at least one of the few) left against the very evil and disturbing Rob Lynburn. Even in times of darkness, she remains strong. She remains hopeful, and she remains my #1 goddess and heroine. Kami's skill in journalism is used much more frequent and serves to drive the plot well.

Jared's full potential is explored in UNMADE, and Sarah Rees Brennan doesn't let him slouch (as he typically does) under the limelight. He proves to be resourceful, amazing, and spirited. He doesn't stop for one minute, and his mind never breaks despite what Rob does to him. He stays upbeat with a touch of grimness.

The plot is well-paced. It weaves between many POVs, and it is rather easy to keep track of all of the characters in UNMADE. The conflict against Rob and his fellow sorcerers are expanded, and the book makes the situation even more complex. Not all of Rob's followers truly want to follow. The supporting cast makes the book much fuller and three dimensional. Brennan does a great job of creating a world with magic and many agendas.

The ending of UNMADE is the most satisfying part of the book, even though it is somewhat bittersweet. The book sounds a little bit like an adventure if one could ignore the bitterness of Unmade.

Overall, UNMADE is the excellent conclusion of THE LYNBURN LEGACY. Kami Glass is an amazing narrator, and she is a hero from beginning to end. She reminds me of Lois Lane, but instead of almost always needing help from Superman, she can take care of herself. Jared's character is amazing explored, and his relationship with Ash is delved into. The story is quick and addicting, not a moment is over too soon.

I would recommend this to those who love quirky and sassy characters who are magical. Literally and figuratively.

Rating: Four out of Five

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