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A summer romance filled with lies and stars.
(Updated: July 01, 2015)
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If I were to pitch Between Us and The Moon is one sentence it would be something like this: A summer romance filled with lies and stars.

Sarah “Bean” Levin, scientist and stargazer, is sick of being in the shadow of her older sister Scarlett. After she’s dumped by her long time best friend turned boyfriend Tucker, she decides that she’s going to start working on The Scarlett Experiment—an attempt to observe how exactly her sister has all the boys wrapped around her finger. Sarah changes her clothes, her attitude, her speech and finds herself Andrew, the sweetest boy in Cape Cod, and finds the romance she wants.

Except there’s one important thing she changes—her age.

I didn’t agree with Sarah’s plan of lying to Andrew about her age. The constant lies and deception, and the absurd lengths she went to in order to keep the truth from coming out were off-putting and while I cheered for her and thought that she was one of the most real characters I’ve read all summer, I knew right away that she had a lot of growing up to do. She was enthusiastic about stars and the periodic table of elements and all things science, but I agreed that she had kind of set aside people and experiences and adventures and preferred to lock herself up all day to study or research. She was a follower, also, but we can’t possibly expect every person to be a natural born leader. What was more important to me, was that Sarah learnt from her mistakes and became a better person from them. Sarah was kind and trusting and of course, her summer love with Andrew was what I loved so, so much because I want me one of those
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The main character's love interest Andrew was so, so swoony!
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