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Game of Thrones, but with Robin Hood and a little lycanthropy.
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There is nothing I love more than a book with an actual plot.

Or a book with drama and mystery.

Or a book where the underdog rises up.

Or a book with an array of interesting characters.

Or a book with a sweet romance that actually adds to the plot.

Or a book that suddenly turns into an episode of Supernatural.

Or a book with kickass actions scenes.

Or, any book that reminds me of Game of Thrones. (that’s an instant win.)

Shadow of the Wolf has all of the above. A gory and dark take on Robin Hood (and the more that I read I started to realize that I had never seen Robin Hood. Ever.), that keeps you on the edge of your seat wondering who was who and what was what.

And although it is interesting, it didn’t get a good pace until about 70% through.

This book seems huge! If you’re not into reading long, descriptive paragraphs without any dialogue for pages at a time, this book is a challenge to get through.

And even when the descriptions are beautiful and you feel like you’re walking around with one of the characters, it was kind of boring. I found myself skimming that first half of the book.

Shadow of the Wolf is the first in what is sure to be an epic trilogy. Mixed with action sequences to blow you away. Full of evil villains and loyal friends. The cover isn’t the only thing that will catch your eye.
Good Points
Great adventures!
Awesome characters.
Strong female badasses!
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April 26, 2018
Wow, I think I agree with literally every thing you just said except I don't watch game of thrones. It definitely didn't have a lot of dialogue when he was blind in the forest.
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