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A Wonderland retelling meets environmentalism plus cute Chester boy with a wicked smile
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Alice may not have been quite as extreme as her parents were about environmentalism before they died, but she still firmly believes in the cause and wants to take strong action. After her own activism routes seem sub-par, Alice discovers a hidden world of environmental vigilantes at her high school who might be willing to make her part of the group…if she can prepare herself for what’s in store if she does.

As soon as I read the premise for this story, I had to read it. A Wonderland retelling meets environmentalism plus cute Chester boy with a wicked smile? Hand it over immediately, please and thank you. Rachel Shane does a marvelous job with this novel. Keeping with the strangeness and oddities of the original Alice in Wonderland, the contemporary and environmental twists are stunning. All the favorite characters from the Mad Hatter to Dinah the cat are included in some form, and the nuances of the original story are incorporated magnificently, signifying a clear mastery of retelling from the author.

My favorite part is the witty and hilarious writing. Alice’s perspective will leave readers chuckling, smirking, solemnly nodding, and even occasionally grinning like a certain Cheshire. She is without a doubt, weird, hopeful, brave, curious, and eager, making her an absolute delight to follow. The secondary characters, especially Kingston Hatter, are bursting with complexity and riddles galore that will make you willing to go down any rabbit hole to find out their secrets. Through the characters, Shane also adds intriguing openings for discussions of homelessness, family relationships, illness, and government secrets.

For readers eager for something different, strange, and wonderful, Alice in Wonderland High would be my first recommendation. Brimming with humorous and meaningful writing, Rachel Shane delivers an unforgettable story about the rabbit holes we go down to accomplish something worthwhile and the people we meet along the way.
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