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Fourteen-year-old Audrey is battling anxiety and after an unpleasant incident at her school, stays home with her colorful family. She loves them and knows they're only looking out for her but that doesn't make her plight any easier. Her way of coping is wearing dark glasses and of course going to weekly therapy sessions with Dr. Sarah. Then one of her brother's computer gaming friends reaches out to her and tries to help her make the jump back outside. What follows is a hilarious at times romp through Audrey's life while she tries to make the leap back into the 'normal' world. But then again what exactly is normal?

What worked? Loved this voice so much. This family's struggles and conflicts are so realistic down to the mother HATING computer gaming to the point of threatening to throw her son's laptop over the ledge, to a teen's way of coping with a bullying incident at school, and of course, a chance at romance. Mix all these together and you get a hilarious at times story.

Audrey's anxiety disorder is very believable. Unlike some novels that only dwell on the negative aspects, the author shows her own unique twist which gives readers a heroine to cheer for.

Linus, her brother's gaming partner, is intrigued with Audrey. I love how he doesn't push her too much but is able to pull back her mask a little at a time.

The family is totally hilarious to the borderline neurotic mother who uses her extra time to stress over EVERYTHING. Audrey's older brother handles his mother's dislike of gaming in typical teen fashion with a dash of humor. Omg, on the one scene where the mother wants him to do something else besides gaming and has him go on a run. The aftermath is hilarious.

None of these characters are cardboard individuals. They have vulnerabilities like Audrey's overwhelming fear to leave her house after an experience at her school to how the father relates to everything going around them. The real beauty though is when Audrey decides to face her demons even though the thought of leaving her house and confronting one of her bullies makes her sick to her stomach. She's the one that makes that choice.

A fun mixture of humor, psychological insight, family dymanics, and having the faith to rise above a bad experience. Guaranteed to make you laugh and want the best for Audrey.
Good Points
1. Great voice!
2. Hilarious. I dare anyone to read some of these passages with a straight face!
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