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A Dark Thriller With a Very Interesting Premise!
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Every night Parker has other people's dreams and it's slowly killing him. It has been years since he's gotten any rest, until he meets Mia. That night, Parker is able to rest for the first time. After that, Parker becomes obsessive and tries to makes sure that Mia is the last person he locks eyes with in the day. Instead, Mia becomes fearful of Parker and thinks he's a creepy stalker. Things get even worse when she begins to receive death threats and think it's from Parker. Who is terrorizing Mia? And how can Parker tell anyone the truth?

I'm really iffy about reading books dealing with books books dealing with dreams, thanks to a horrible book called Wake. Thankfully, this book did what Wake should have done and the aspect of the dreams was really well-done. It made sure to point out that seeing other dreams was not all happy and dandy. It's very interesting, but not only do you see deep secrets of possible strangers, but Parker never gets to rest. He's a watcher and has to watch the dream, so it's basically like he's awake. This leads to the major plot of the book.

Really, I could understand why Parker did the things he did. He just wanted some long-needed rest, especially after finding out that not resting will kill him very soon. He kind of begins the Mia dreams as just being friends with her, but when Mia begins to get suspicious, he does stalk her. This bothered me because, yeah, I understand why he was during this, but it was turning him into something he was not, as well as freaking everyone out. He was becoming very obsessive and it's no wonder why Mia thought he was after her. It's horrible, but that was how he began to look to her.

The mystery aspect was very interesting and very screw-with-your-mind. The whole dream aspect kind of added a blurred line and add in the fact that Parker is beginning to have 'side effects' to not resting, things get very curious.

Lastly, I would like to mention the supporting characters, Addie and Finn. Finn is Parker's best friend and Addie is Finn's sister. What's really great about these guys is that they helped Parker out when he was spiraling into a black hole. There was a lull where they couldn't really feel like they could trust Parker, Addie especially, but they were fully able to understand why Parker was doing this and wanted to help him make rights with Mia and find out who was really terrorizing Mia. Also, Parker was a really great friend to them both as well!

Overall, I was not disappointed by this book and I loved the dream aspect! This book does take a very dark turn, but Parker is an interesting narrator and he has really great friends! While the main mystery of this book is over, there are more answers that I need, so I am definitely going to continue this series!
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