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THE REPLACED continues where THE TAKING left off. In THE REPLACED, Kyra is on her own journey to find Tyler and her father. A Paranormal/YA Science Fiction book, THE REPLACED turns dark and unfolds the desperate search Kyra makes. THE REPLACED is fit for young adults (14+), and it will most certainly interest those who enjoy The X-Files.

Much different from the Kyra at the beginning of the series, the girl who goes by the name of Kyra is now obsessed with time to the point of counting hours and even minutes. Losing the two people she cares about most has taken a toll on her mentally. She is moodier than before. Her character change affects the entire book, and it is impressive how Kimberly Derting is able to pull off that grittier and much more suspenseful tone while pushing me over the cliff (figuratively, of course). Out of all the characters in The Replaced, Kyra is my favorite.

The NSA is onto Krya's heels. Agent Truman remains the biggest opponent to face off against Kyra. Agent Truman is definitely an interesting villain. He gives off a "sacrifice the few to save the many" vibe. Some of his past is revealed in The Replaced, but he still remains to be one of the more mysterious and easily despised characters of the series.

The story starts slowly and builds over time. It forces me to be patient, and it is clear that Derting is keeping answers from Kyra (and indirectly, the readers). It is frustrating how the truth is so close yet also so far. But the payoff is worth it, because when the secrets are shined upon and Derting comes completely clean and all of the cards are on the table, that is where the fun really begins. (Cue the dramatic music.)

Creeping along slowly in the very beginning, the plot picks up speed once everything starts exploding. The book doesn't stop running until the very last page. (Just be patient, and everything will reveal itself.)

As I said before, Derting figuratively pushes me off the cliff. I feel obligated to inform that the ending leaves me screaming and almost in tears. As the darkest and most devastating part of the book, the ending is very catastrophical. You all have been warned repeatedly.

What does it mean to be human? THE REPLACED asks that question many times, and it does force the readers to ponder what being human means. The execution of that message is dry and could be better, but Derting does manage to pull it off with some success.

Overall, THE REPLACED is a suspenseful and twisty tale of Kyra versus the MIB (the men in black). I find myself entertained by the many allusions to conspiracy theories Kimberly Derting has placed throughout the book. With its twisty plot and deceitful characters, THE REPLACED is a thrilling continuation of a fresh look on aliens.

Rating: Three out of Five
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