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I Want to Go to Oz!
(Updated: April 04, 2015)
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The sequel to Dorothy Must Die, this book does not disappoint. Amy Gumm is still on the run, she might have taken care of the Scarecrow- she didn’t fail her mission- she just hasn’t completed it yet. So many things keep getting in her way. Villains don't want her to get a happy ending. Friends aren't as loyal as they may appear. And to top it off- can Amy even trust herself?

How I missed being in Danielle Paige’s world of OZ! The pacing of the book starts of slow, but Danielle Paige’s words help immerse the readers back into the unfamiliar yet familiar world of OZ. While this book seems shorter than the first, it is jam-packed with suspense and action. Twist and turns make this a true page-turner. The Wicked Will Rise does not have the run of the mill plot twists. Once you think you have things figured out- they change. These powerful plot twists take the entire story and turn it head over heel, twisted and contorted -M. C. Escher style. It’s incredible!

Danielle Paige is gifted when it comes to world building with fabulously crafted descriptions of “ neon pallets: hot pink, electric blue, candy-apple red...all of them zooming downward into infinity in a twisting, death-defying flume, carrying me faster than ever seemed possible.” The action continues with vivid descriptions of “skyscrapers collapsing in on themselves in confetti-bursts of jewel and glass.” As a reader, I am find myself not only being complete involved in the story, but in awe of how well the words and sentences are crafted.

Fans of The Lunar Chronicles and The Red Queen will find themselves fans od Danielle Paige’s Dorothy Must Die Series! This is definitely a series I will recommend to everyone.

Dark and intriguing -The Wicked Will Rise would have made L. Frank Baum proud.
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April 06, 2015
I need to read this!
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