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What I liked: I hadn't read Boomerang when I picked up Rebound, however, that didn't stop me from jumping right into the story. That is great writing to me! I got enough of the back story for me to know the characters but I felt like this was its own book.

I love a book with romantic tension...from both sides...and the two points of view nailed that tension. Without spoiling anything, I love the journey that Alison goes through in this book. By being true to who she is, she learns a lot about herself and how strong she can be. I can't say enough about Adam either. He is a strong, independent man trying to build a successful life for himself. He fiercely protects the people that mean the most to him-from his family to his employees. He is a stand-up guy.

What left me wanting more: Nothing. I read this book in one sitting. I really enjoyed it and I will be going back to read Boomerang soon!
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