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This is like the year of diverse books, and boy, this didn't disappoint. I got a copy of the ARC from The Regulator. None of the Above does not shy away from details or skim over things. It feels very real. Plus, the author is a surgeon, so I trust a lot of the medical facts. The book is a quick read, and on that I'm now loaning to all my friends.


Kristin is pretty cool. It's nice that she's not super confident about everything. She gives her best friend more trust than she deserves, especially after everything that happens. Kristin reacts badly, as anyone would, and really freaks out. While I can't relate to Kristin in intersex terms, I feel like I would act similarly to how she did. You know a book is good when, even if you are very different from the main character, you can still relate and empathize with them.

I can't believe just how mean and nasty her school is though. At least with the environment I've grown up in, I can't believe that that would happen. Ignorance causes people to do crazy things, but I can't believe it would be that crazy.

There is a little bit of romance in the book, which I like. It's also interesting to see people try to understand, but because of their own prejudices, etc, simply not be able to, but do still try to treat Kristin with respect.


I read this a while ago, so I don't remember much about the writing, sadly. I know I enjoyed it, and it was very to the point.


There's a very big world in this story, and after Kristin gets her diagnosis, it gets even bigger. Kristin discovers ways to cope through help on the internet, and even makes some new friends. It is a contemporary book though, and so much of the world we already know. I've never read a book about an intersex character before, but this did not disappoint!
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