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The sequel to Unspoken finds Kami and her friends in a fight against Rob Lynburn and his sorcerers. Rob wants power and he wants the town. He wants a blood sacrifice. Kami and her friends don’t have a lot of people willing to stand with them against Rob and the ones who are don’t have a lot of power. It may seem hopeless but Kami isn’t giving up.

This book, like the first, was so much fun to read. The humour that I loved in Unspoken was still present and Untold went deeper into some of the characters that had less focus in the first book. There was also more about the myth of the whole Lynburn family and more about the magical world that was really interesting. This book never felt like a middle book of a series, which was great.

Kami was still the character I loved from the first book. Her voice still reminded me a bit of Veronica Mars, all sarcasm and great one-liners that had me laughing. Her determination to fight Rob and keep all her friends and family safe was great. I liked seeing her bonding more with the new characters to her group, Ash and Holly especially. And Rusty. Rusty was awesome and hilarious. Her relationship with Jared really changed due to the events of the first book and Kami’s decisions so it was interesting to see how they navigated through their new way of interacting.

I really liked seeing more of the family aspect in this book. Kami’s family was adorable. I loved her relationship with her father and her little brothers. Her relationship with her mother was more complicated due to different views but it was still interesting. The Lynburn family was also very interesting. Team Good was down to it being Lillian, who was Ash’s mother, Ash, and Jared, and after Rob’s betrayal in Unspoken it was interesting to see how they acted with each other. They were definitely not an overly affectionate family, unlike the Glasses, but there were some really nice bonding moments that gave me hope that it could lead to more.

The first book was all about the mystery of the Lynburns and the murders in the forest. This one was more of a chess game, each side making a move and waiting for the reaction. It was a lot of setting up for a third book checkmate and it was very tense. There was a lot of humourous dialogue or observations, mostly from Kami, that would offset the darker part of the book and it created a nice balance.

Even though the wasn’t a whole lot of action, there was still enough to make it a fast read. I didn’t want it to end and when it did, I couldn’t wait to read the last book.
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