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I was drawn to this book by the fact that it's from fourteen perspectives (one of which is a squirrel!) and they're basically shipping a couple together. I was really interested in this book because of the squirrel, but I'm also a shipper at heart, so a book that is basically about shipping? Heck yes!

If this book wasn't from fourteen different perspectives, it wouldn't be as unique. It would be almost like every other teen contemporary. But this book was so uniquely written! And it worked out so well for the book! It was very interesting seeing Lea and Gabe's romance play out from neither of their points of view. But it actually felt like they were the main characters, and they are.

One would think that with fourteen perspectives, one would get confused, but that was not the case with this book. As I said, Lea and Gabe are the main characters and the fact that each perspective follows them around. It was really interesting seeing them through the eyes of so many people. And the mass of perspectives were all wildly different.

The romance in this book was really sweet, slow-going, and realistic. I, like many of the characters, wanted Lea and Gabe get together. But, as shipping goes, it takes forever. Lea and Gabe are obviously great for each other but they just can't seem to see it. I know they have their own problems, but it was really frustrating that they couldn't see how they liked each other. It was a constant back and forth of I don't think he/she likes me.

Overall, this is an adorable, quick, and realistic read. This book is very unique with the many perspectives. I liked the romance, but it did annoy me at points. If you want a quick feel-good contemporary, pick this one up!
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