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(Updated: February 10, 2015)
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I loved Hocking's Trylle series and was really excited to revisit this world. We're introduced to Bryn Aven, a protector of the kingdom of Kanin. Problem is she's never felt like she has fit in as she's half Kanin. This makes her more determined to fulfill her dream of getting into the King's elite guard. Her persistence and drive propel her through slight snubs from some in Kanin. This only makes her stronger.

Bryn's struggles and conflict include a growing attraction to her boss, Ridley Dresden. Nothing can come from it as a relationship is forbidden. That doesn't stop Ridley from trying! The chemistry whenever these two are around each other, sizzles.

I love Hocking's worlds so much. They're very addictive with characters that are likable but also have vulnerabilities. In this case Bryn's fear of never completely fitting in gives her the burning desire to become an elite guard even at the cost of her heart. She might come across as being a tad bit hard, but readers get glimpses into her like her loyalty to her family and friends that flesh her out.

Bryn's big desire to track down Konstantin Black, a former guard, who tried to kill her father, blind her at the beginning on her true goals. Hocking breaks this down with reveals that have Bryn questioning everything: her hatred of Konstantin and even her responsibilities of tracking down changelings-replacing a Kanin baby with a human one.

Fast-paced action along with likable characters in a lush fantasy world that only Hocking can create. Once again, another winning tale! Can't wait for the next book in the series.
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