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The sequel to Avalon finds Jeth and his crew on the run from the ITA, who are holding his mother and are after his little sister. Jeth is desperate to free his mother and keep everyone safe but he soon finds himself in even more danger as he’s pursued by a new threat. With no options left, Jeth turns to the one person he swore he would never see again: Daxton Price. But Dax’s help comes with a cost – one that could mean sacrificing everything Jeth has fought so hard for up until now.

I absolutely loved the first book. I’m not an overly huge sci-fi reader even though I love space shows but this series fits right into the feel of the shows I love. I didn’t love this one as much as the first but I still really enjoyed it. There was still that misfit family feel but this second book was more focused on Jeth, the pressure he was under, and their mission.

Jeth went through a lot in this book. We saw him struggle with every decision he made as captain, knowing each one affected his crew and the wrong one could get someone injured or killed. We saw him struggle with trust and keeping faith in every single crew member, especially if they disagreed with a decision. We saw him fight to keep everyone safe. We saw him sacrifice. There were times that I didn’t like who Jeth was becoming but I did like that I disliked it. It gave Jeth the opportunity for some redemption.

There were also some new characters introduced, as well as many of the ones I already loved or hated from Avalon. Some of the villains were just evil, black and white, you knew they were evil. But others, they were more gray and I liked trying to figure out if they were trustworthy or if they’d turn out to be evil.

The whole book was pretty non-stop action. If it wasn’t physical action, life-threatening action, it was emotional turmoil in the characters. It just never let up. I did find the pacing in Polaris to be better than Avalon, it made for a faster read and a book I just didn’t want to put down(not that I wanted to put down Avalon when I read it). What drew me to Avalon the most was the coming together of the family and since the crew was already formed in Polaris, we got less of that family feel. There were still great moments, especially with Jeth and his little sister Cora.

The science and technology was understandable, which I appreciated as someone with no background in either. I also appreciated that the romance was subtle, it never overtook the story, it simply added another layer to it.

As a huge fan of Avalon, I was in no way disappointed with this sequel/finale.
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February 11, 2015
Loved Avalon! Cannot wait to read this one.
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