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I was blown away by how much I loved A Murder of Magpies by Sarah Bromley. It’s “Wuthering Heights” meets present day Wisconsin.

Sixteen-year-old Vayda Silver’s life is full of secrets: the truth about her mother’s death, the terrible deeds her twin brother Jonah might do, and even worse, Vayda’s own dangerous powers as an empath. Jonah expels energy and Vayda collects it. If she’s not careful Vayda’s capable of rupturing every light bulb at school. No wonder she and Jonah are social pariahs.

The one guy who isn’t wary of either Silver twin is Ward Ravesncroft, who has his own past to hide. After years of surviving with his junkie dad, Ward is now living with his sister Heidi’s family–minivan, baby, doggie, and all. Ward’s penchants for foul language, ditching school, and crafting metal sculptures in the front yard don’t exactly fit in with his sister’s perfect life.

But as Vayda and Ward become closer, Jonah grows increasingly out of control. The family curse that haunts the twins is paradoxically their worst enemy and only defense.

Watch out for the end on this one, because it is full of surprises. A Murder of Magpies is so creepy it will make you want to turn on every light in the house.
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