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A compelling YA paranormal romance that teen readers will love.
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Claire is no one. Her parents forget she exists. She has no friends, and can't even talk to people on the street. Her teachers skip over her name when doing attendance, the pool attendant won't give her a towel, and no one ever calls her with questions about the homework.

Then Claire meets Nix.

Nix is Nobody. He is invisible, silent, and deadly. When he wants to, he is so invisible to the world that he can walk through walls without anyone noticing. Nix is an assassin, the best there is, because no one ever sees him coming. Nix has no friends, no home, and no life besides anticipating his next mission.

Then Nix meets Claire.

And she sees him. Really sees him, like no one else ever has.

And he sees her. She matters to him, like she has never mattered to anyone ever before.

Together Claire and Nix find out just how hard it is to matter to someone else, to affect them and be affected by the other person. The Society responsible for Nix's upbringing, his missions of assassination, wants Claire dead. But once Nix is affected by Claire, he can't kill her. He can't lose the only good thing he's ever had. And so they run. But the Society won't give up easily. Claire and Nix must run for their lives, but then they decide to fight back. And they will both be changed forever.

In the end, they discover that to love and be loved is worth every sacrifice.

NOBODY is a compelling YA paranormal romance that teen readers will love. While it's cover leads you to think it's sci-fi, the story uses the science fiction elements as a simple backdrop to the drama between Claire and Nix. Highly recommended for fans of Diane Metcalf's TWIXT series, Kelsey Sutton's WHERE SILENCE GATHERS, and the ARCLIGHT series by Josin McQuein.
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