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I thought this book was very different than any other book out there. It really kept you guessing until the very end and even the last page was shocking. It was very creepy and a fresh take on the girl losing her memory story.
I found the characters to be ok, I didn't love any of them but they were all very interesting to read about. I surprisingly grew less and less fond of Noah as the book progressed. He just seemed to get very controlling. I liked Mara, she had a lot of struggles and did a lot of bad things but you could tell that she never meant for anything bad to happen. At times though it kind of felt like she depended on Noah for everything, which I didn't like.
The whole idea of the story was clever and well written. Although at times there were long stretches were not a lot happened, I was still very into the book and the style of writing. It did have some creepy parts but the book itself was not totally scary.
It was really interesting seeing how Mara deals with her struggles and for a lot of the book she thinks that she is crazy. There were parts that I started to believe she was crazy. You really don't know her whole story until the end of the book and even then you're still left with questions.
I recommend this book to anyone who wants a chilling but fun read. Good book when you want a refreshing new story.
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