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Be Still MY Pure Heart
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Jennifer L. Armentrout has done it again. Seriously, this woman is a book goddess. The first book of this series was gold, and this book is too. It was funny, actiony, and made my heart skip a couple of beat several times. Her writing style is so humorous, yet at the same time it still has a great plot that has a seriousness to it. The world she created in the first book was expanded in this one and I really enjoyed seeing this new world despite the fact that the society she lives in is seriously messed up. The way pures treat half bloods makes no sense at all. I suppose that really is an embodiment of our society though; we treat people differently even though we have no right to.
This book did not go where I thought it was going to go, but nevertheless I enjoyed it, though my heart was broken into a million little pieces when a certain lovable character kicked the dust. (Still not over it.) I grew to love Seth even more than I already did, though I don't really approve of the direction they are kind of taking with Alex and him. Aiden... I like him, but at the same time he can be a total douche. We were introduced to Minister Telly and the second we met him, I knew that I would hate him. His disgust and mistreatment of half-bloods is uncalled for, though he makes for an interesting antagonist.
Now the ending really left me slightly confused. I'm not sure where the next book is headed, but I'm ready to read it. My dedication for this series is so large I went out and bought the entire series in the spur of the moment. *Side note: I originally started this as an e-book, and you guys have to read Seth's POV at the end of the book. It is to die for.*
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