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Another Enjoyable Book by Liz Czukas!
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Chloe, who has a bit of an obsession with making lists, gets to work the early shift at her local grocery store (on Christmas Eve, of course). When the donation box is opened only to discover about $70, when there should be close to $10,000, Chloe and her fellow teenage coworkers get the blame placed on them. They get to spend their Christmas Eve in the "jail" waiting for the police to show up, which may take awhile...

After reading Ask Again Later, which is by the same author, I really wanted to read some more cuteness! Ask Again Later was such an amazing, adorable read and that was exactly what I was expecting from Top Ten Clues! Was I disappointed? No, I was not. This book still has adorableness, just a bit less than Ask Again Later. Now, to be honest, while I was expecting adorable-ness in this book, and I did get that, I was also expecting some mystery involvement.
I know, I know, weird, but based on the fact that the teens were being accused of stealing $10,000, I thought that there would be some kind of "Who Done It?!" And there was mystery involved, a very predictable one, since it's kind of obvious from the start Who Done It! But I had no problem with the predictability of the mystery, since the money being stolen was not the focus. Actually, the story was about all of the teenager coworkers hanging out and becoming friends (sort of). This was a much more entertaining storyline than just a Who Done It and I really enjoyed seeing it! And,another plus, the characters were so quirky!

I keep raving about how cute and fun this book was, because it is indeed cute and fun, but now it's time for me to point out what was wrong with this book. Bad wording there, THERE WAS NOTHING WRONG WITH THIS BOOK! I loved it! But I did have one issue and that is the fact that this was a candy book. A candy book is basically a book that is so enjoyable while reading it, but it doesn't do anything substantial. It doesn't change my way of thinking, it doesn't knock my socks off, it was just an awesome, fun read. Kind of like a piece of candy.

This was a very enjoyable read! If you are feeling down, I highly recommend picking up this book (or Ask Again Later) because it will definitely put you in a good mood!
On another note, I will be on the lookout for any other books that Liz Czukas writes!
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